Koti Lingeshwara Temple - Siddipet, Medak Dist., Telangana State

Preamble – Foreword : India is a spiritual and sacred land. It is a land of many Rishis, Munis, Vedantha Scholars and devotees. Vedas spread and Ashramas floourished in this holy land. The Earth, Air, Fire, Water, plants and flora of this place are sacred and holy for Indians. Several temples were constructed and many more are under construction for liberating humanity from human-material bondages and take to eternal world.

Note: No linga's Prathisthapana.

Sri Umaparthiva Kotilingeshwara Kshethram was established in Siddipet Town, District Medak, A.P. This Kshethram is located in Siddipet at a distance of 2.5 kms from Bus Stand towards en route to Medak.more...

Bio-data of Sri Sri Sri Madanananda Swamy

Sri Sri Sri Madananada Swamy’s Pre Ashrama (earlier) name was Laxminarayana. He was born on Shravana Shudha Dashami of Shobha Kruthu (1902) Samvastaram at Tekmal (V & M) of Medak Dist. Ravi Koti Narsamma and Narahari were his parents. Shreethi Koundinyasa was his Gothram.more...