Location of Place and Bhoodanam (Donation of Land)

Sri Sri Sri Madanananda Swamy started searching for land to construct temple. Generous in nature and soft hearted Tadkamadla Family people have come forward to offer their own land for the construction of the temple. To examine whether the place is suitable or not for temple construction swamiji himself arranged a Kutir (Shelter) and stayed.

In the swapna (dream) again Vaishnava Swamis ordered swamiji to take up the construction work of temple. Exactly at the same time Vaishnava Swamis appeared in swapnam (dream) to Smt. Thadkamadla Rangamma W/o Thadkamadla Veeraiah and suggested her to donate the land for construction of temple.

Next day in the morning swamiji passed on the message of his swapnam news to Thadkamadla Family. Swamijis message and their mother swapnam made Sri T. Mallaiah, T. Rangaiah, T. Kotaiah, T. Lingaiah and T. Rajesham very happy. They felt that their mother’s dream and swamijis message as Lords Mahaprasad and whole heartedly agreed to donate and handover the land.

Services of Thadkamadla Family :

As per the wishes and guidance of their mother Thadkamadla brothers felt this gigantic programme as a special duty and donated Ac.4-29gts of land.

In this way Thadkamadla Family people laid the foundation for the construction of Sri Umaparthiva Kotilingeshwara Swamy Temple.

This land is donated for the use of temple, Ashramam, Veda Patashala, dispensary, Annasathram and Library. They completed the “Ashrama Nirman” and partly construction work of temple.

Founders Thadkamadla Mallaiah, Rangaiah, Kotaiah, Lingaiah & Rajesham have built choultry houses on their names. They have built another choultry in memory of their parents Late T. Veeraiah & Rangamma.

Founder president Thadkamadla Rangaiah has constructed ‘Maha Dwaram’ (main entrance) to the temple on Medak Road. Thadkamadla Eshwaraiah constructed dining hall and Shiva Sthupam in the memory of his late parents Sri T. Mallaiah & Smt. T. Laxmi.


The philanthropies and interested donors are requested to extend their co-operation in donating amount,

Donors advised to pay demand draft / cheques infavour of "Sri Umaparthiva Kotilingeshwara Swamy Kshetram", Siddipet.
Andhra Bank A/c No. 052410011008018
IFSC / RTGS Code : ANDB 0000524
They are requested to contact in this regard Sri Thadkamadla Eshwaraiah (9290078884).