No Linga Prathista

Permanent Religious Services

(on the desired and preferred day of the Donor in a year)

1. Shashwatha Anna Pooja and Annadana Scheme Rs. 2,116/-
2. Gosankshema Scheme (Cow Protection) Rs. 1,116/-
3. Shashwatha Pooja Scheme Rs. 2,116/-
4. Shashwatha Kalyana Scheme Rs. 2,116/-

Devotees are requested to become part of these service schemes and make their lives worthful.

Nithya Shashwatha Sevalu (Permanent Daily Rituals) :

1. Nithya Shashwatha Pooja Rs. 21,116/-

Every day Abhishekam Pooja will be performed on the Gothra Namas of the Donor and Donor can participate personally in all Seva Schemes & rituals at free of cost for a day in year.

2. Nithya Shashwatha Anna Pooja (Free Meals Scheme) Rs. 21,116/-

The daily’s Anna Pooja ritual will be performed with the Donor’s Gothramas and poor people will be fed daily. Donor can participate in all the rituals of the temple at free of cost per day in a year.

3. Nithya Shashwatha Kalyanam Rs. 21,116/-

The daily’s Kalyanam will be performed with the Donors Gothranamas. Donor can participate in all the rituals of the temple for a day at free of cost in a year.

(Donors of the above three schemes will be provided shelter and dining facilities).