Construction of Temple :

Swami Madanananda Swamy was staying in his own built Ashramam supervised and guided the construction work of temple till its completion. From 26-5-1979 (Siddhartha Nama Samvastara Jyesta Shudha Panchami) to 30-5-1979 the prathista (installation) of idols – Devatha Murthulu) was performed.

In the Garbhalaya (Sanctum, Sanctorium) more than one crore, Parthiva (Earth) Lingams, Shiva Panchakshari written manuscripts were placed one feet deep inside the earth under the main Lingam. On these the main idol of Lingam brought from Varanasi was installed.

In the Garbhalaya (Sanctum, sanctorium) Shiva Pachayathanam, Maha Ganapathi, Nandeeshwar, Dwara Palakas, and idols of Adishankara Charya, Dathathreya, Raja Rajeshwari Devi and Gayathri Matha were installed on bothe sides of the entrance to sanctum, sanctorium.

Many great people, pandits, poojaris, Veda Scholars actively participated and contributed their share in Alaya Prathista and installation of idols. Harikathas, Burra Kathas, Bhajan Programmes were conducted. “Akhanda Annadanam” was performed . Vedic Rituals were conducted by Brahma Sri Palakurthi Narsimha Rama Sindhanthi and Sri Gattepally Sharabharadyulu Garu.

On 30th may 1979 (Siddharthi Nama Samvastara Jyesta Shudha Panchami) Yantra Vigraha Prathista´ ritual activities were performed with the holy hands of Sri Sri Sri Madanananda Swamiji. The temple was constructed with the co-operation and
contributions from people of Siddipet and surrounding villages involving few lakhs of Rupees.

Construction Activities to be under taken in future:

1. Kalyana Mandapam
2. Old Age Home
3. Goshala
4. Spiritual Library
5. Orphanage Service Centre
6. Cottages

Present Needs

1. Colours for temple
2. 'Q' line
3. Hundi Boxes
4. Computer System
5. Bath Rooms & Toilets.

The philanthropies and interested donors are requested to extend their co-operation in taking up the above works. Kshethrams Account Number is : 052410011008018, Andhra Bank, Siddipet. They are requested to contact in this regard Sri Thadkamadla Eshwaraiah (9290078884).


A divine incident took place on 17th May, 1979 when a divine cobra (Nagadevatha) appeared on the bags containing Parthiva Lingams at 6.30am and was there for four hours raising up its Hood. The divine feature of this Nagadevatha is that there is a clear visible shape of Shiva Lingam on its Hood. This divine incident attracted thousands of people who worshipped that divine Nagadevatha. This is a practical proof of example to denote magic power of the place.

The Kotilingeshwara Mahalingam in the temple is a “Narmada Banam” brought from Varanasi. There are self originated signs of Chandra Rekha, Bhasma Rekhalu, Parvathi and Ganga Devi on the Lingam.

Sri Sadananda Ashramam.

The cottage where Sri Sri Sri Madanananda Swmiji stayed itself has become Sri Sadananda Ashramam. This Ashramam providing all facilities to yathis, swamis, devotees hailing from different distant places.

Gadhi (Seat of representation) was arranged to Swamiji at Sri Sadananda Ashramam in Prajothpathi Samvastaram later on Swamiji flourished as 68th Peetadhi Pathi to Sadananda Matt at Baswakalyan of Karnataka State.

Sri Madanananda Swamiji who successfully completed this gigantic task attained Shiva Sayujyam on 11th November, 2000 (Vikramanama Samvastara Kartika Bahula Ekadashi). Daily rituals and pujas are being performed and Sadananda Vedic Patashala is being maintained.

Temples in the campus :

There are 12 temples and 148 idols in this Kshethram. The broad and well built wide mukha mandapam with 36 pillars is a special attraction to the temple.

Sri Uma Maheshwara Kotilingeshwara Swamy

  • Panchayathanam
  • Sri Maha Ganapathi
  • Sri Nandieshwarudu
  • Dwara Palakulu

These are idols in Garbhalayam (Sanctum, Sanctorium)

1. Sri Raja Rajeshwari Devi
2. Sri Gayathri Devi
3. Sri Dathathreya Swamy
4. Adishankaracharya
5.Sri Thulasi Matha Kamadenuvu, Gomatha
6.Sri Murali Krishna Alayam
7.Sri Anjaneya Swami
8.Nava Grahalu
9.Sri Santhoshi Matha
Sri Subramanyeshwara Swamy
Sri Nagadevatha
10.Sri Chandishwaralayam
11.Sri Uma Maheshwara Sahitha Ashtothara Shatalingeshwara Alayam
(Temple of 100 lingams)
12.Sri Pashupathinath
13.Sri Sai Baba
14.Sri Madananda Swami
15.Sri Shiva Sthupam

Along with the above idols there is a separate Yagashala with 16 pillars where Homams are performed regularly, library, Kalyana Mandapam and Gali Gopuram are also constructed.

Recently Sri Uma Maheshwar Sahitha Ashtothara Shatha Linga Mahalayam (Temple of 108 lingams) was constructed. From 1st December 1996 to 5th December 1996 108 lingams were installed. 108 couples can perform Ásbhishekam to 108 lingams simultaneously in this temple. At the central point of temple big imposing idols of Uma and Maheshwar were installed.

Registered Organization

As per the directive orders of Sri Sri Sri Madanananda Saraswathi Swamy “Sri Uma Maheshwara Kotilingala Kshethram has become a Registered organization on 9-12-1977 vide Regn. No. 115/1978 under 1350 fasli of Society Act. Also registered under Income Tax Act section 80-G-12-A and Endowment Department Act.

Aakanksha (Aims & Objectives)

Sarva Devatha Aradhana for the welfare of all people, to inculcate and develop philosophical, Dharmic and Service feelings in society to maintain and run temples, Ashramam, Vedic Vidyalayam, Dispensary and Free Meals Scheme and to provide shelter to Yathis.

Gods in Temple